Gathering times 

Worship times & Services

Sunday Morning

         9:30 am Bible class for all ages                                   

10:30 am Worship Service

Wednesday Night

7:00 pm Singing and Prayers

    7:15 pm Bible class for all ages

Everyone is welcome! 

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Food for Thought - Burst into Flame!

There is a movie in which the identity and purpose of a person is portrayed by a flaming dress - you know the one!  You can show your identity too - let your light shine - let it burst into flame!

I believe this  year we will see the Spirit of God work in powerful ways among us.  We need to feel that power and embrace it as we grow and seek opportunities to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Think and pray.  Plan and seek.  Knock.  The door will be opened.

I believe God is here among us.  He is powerful.  The Spirit is ready to ignite.  Be a flame.

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