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Food for ThoughT

Are you drifting?

Do you know couples that have been married for a long time, tens of years? All of a sudden, they announce they are divorced. One reason that I have heard before is, “after the kids are gone, we look at each other and realize that we have no feeling for each other—like two strangers living under the same roof”. How is that possible? How can two people that loved each other so passionately and completely that they vowed to each other that till death do they part and then all of a sudden, they wake up one morning and have no feeling for each other? The truth is, they have been allowing their relationship to drift apart all these years. You see, it is the little things that we neglect to do. It is the selfishness that creeps in. It is the insensitive statements that we make from time to time, but never ask for forgiveness or change behavior. It is the dreaded “drift”. The couple did not wake up one morning and fall out of love. They have allowed the relationship to drift apart. Think about what would happen if you were driving on the highway and allowed your car to drift without correction? You would not be driving for long! Or a GPS guidance system that relaxes the constant checking of position and allows the coordinates to drift. You would end up in a very different place than where you had intended to go. Now, think about your relationship with God. The most important and consequential relationship that we have. How often do you check in with Him to make sure you are not drifting? Every minute? Hourly? Daily? Weekly? When you are in trouble? Paul said in I Thessalonians 5:17 to pray continually, and Jesus’ command to take up our cross daily and follow Him in Luke 9:23, plus numerous other references that speak of a constant connectedness with God. Think about those that you know that have fallen away. It probably started with missing service and studies here and there. Then they stop meeting at all with family and use distance or job as an excuse. Sooner or later they stop communicating with anyone in the church. By the time we realize that they are gone, they have been drifting for a long time away from the Lord and His body. Please do not let that happen to you. Make it a habit to spend time in His Word at least daily. Shut the phone, TV, tablet and internet off and pray at least daily. Worship and spend time with God’s people to build and strengthen your faith. Keep checking in so you can stop the dreaded drifting away from the path. 

Samson Ling

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